Athens Area Habitat is currently at capacity and is not accepting new applications for home purchases at this time.

Purchase A Home

Habitat houses are simple, decent, and affordable. They are modestly sized, big enough to fit the homeowner’s needs but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs low. Habitat uses quality, locally available building materials and home designs that reflect the local climate and culture. The labor of volunteers and partner families, efficient building methods, modest house sizes and non-profit loans make it affordable for low-income families to purchase Habitat homes.


If you meet the following three requirements you are eligible for a Habitat home:

Need for a house

If your current living situation is poor, and you need a simple decent place to live, Habitat may be able to help you. Examples of poor living situations include leaky roofs, no heat, too little space for your family to live comfortably, etc.


Ability to Pay

You should be able to meet your financial obligations and fall within the ranges set by Athens Area Habitat’s income guidelines. Habitat does not give away houses, it sells homes to people who can demonstrate need, who are willing to work in partnership, and who have a steady income and can afford a monthly mortgage payment. You must not have filed bankruptcy within the last five years.

Sweat Equity

For the homeowner, partnership requires 500 hours of “sweat equity” working on a Habitat home. A homeower does not need construction experience. He or she must simply perform 500 hours towards the completion of a home, whether it is driving nails, painting, or making sandwiches.


Pick up an Application

Come by our office at 532 Barber Street in Athens or download the application here: AAH4H Home Purchase Application

Complete and Return

Fill it out completely, come by our office in person to return it to us or mail it to the address shown on the application, and you will be considered in the next family selection process. Please do not e-mail a completed application to AAHFH. E-mailed applications will not be accepted/considered for review.

Note: Completing an application with AAHFH does not guarantee that you will be qualified for Habitat housing. This is just the first step in a process that could take 4 – 6 months. Athens Area Habitat for Humanity will notify you if you are selected. If you have any questions, please feel call us at (706) 208-1001.