Habitat ReStore Donations

The Athens Habitat ReStore offers FREE pick up services of your furniture and donated items. By contributing to the Athens Habitat ReStore, you’ll know that your donation is going to help others in your community. Request a ReStore pick-up by calling (706) 354-0936 from 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Because all donations are offered for sale with proceeds helping to build homes for families, all items must be clean, complete, and in working order. We cannot accept unsalable items or anything we would have to pay to dump. Below is our helpful guide to what items we can and cannot accept.

Please note: We no longer sell clothes but we do accept donations of clothing which we pass on to a resale & recycle organization.


We Gratefully Accept:

We Must Refuse:


• Most working household appliances, large and small

•   Dishwashers

•   Non-functioning appliances

•   Damaged appliances


•   Most light furniture in sellable condition

•   Most exercise equipment

•   Very heavy furniture (pianos, sleepers, etc.)

•   Used mattresses and box springs

•   Most particleboard furniture

•   Most entertainment centers

Building Material

•   Solid doors

•   Surplus hardware (in original packaging)

•   Tools in good condition

•   Some sash windows

•  Building and construction surplus (in original packaging)

•   Liquids/paint

•   Used safety gear

•   Scrap wood/ metal/ demolition

•   Storm windows and shower doors

•  Hollow (luan) doors


•   Vehicles with title

•  Boats

•   Clothing

•   Hazardous materials

•   Used safety equipment

•  Most used ceiling fans and light fixtures

•   Anything broken, stained, torn, chipped, dirty, or otherwise damaged