Athens Area Donations

Recycling Center

Check this list to discover what you can donate or recycle in the Athens area, what you can dump for free, and what you’ll have to pay for.

See the bottom of this page for a list of ACC recycling locations, and links to all of the organizations mentioned here (where available) for more information. Please note that the landfills and CHaRM may charge fees, depending on what you take there.

Amateur Arts and Crafts:

Antiques: Please make sure your antiques are unbroken and in fairly good condition.

Appliances (Small): Please make sure your small appliances are in working condition with no major damage (except Junk South).

Appliances (Large): Please make sure your large appliances are in working condition with no large damages (except Junk South).


Automotive Fluids: 

Awards and Medallions:

Baby Seats, Strollers, Cribs, etc:


Bicycles: (Most thrift stores will only accept working bikes. Non-working bikes may be given to Bike South for parts or Junk South for scrap.)

Bridal Gowns and Tuxedos:


Box Springs: See “Mattress”.

Building and Construction Surplus: 


Chandeliers: Good condition and working chandeliers

Chinaware: Please make sure your chinaware is unbroken and in good condition.


Clothing: Please make sure clothing is in good condition without tears, holes, or major damage.


Demolition/Renovation Debris: 

Dishware: Please make sure dishware unbroken and in good condition.

Exercise Equipment: 

Fans/Dehumidifiers: Please make sure fans and dehumidifiers are in working condition.

Fire Extinguishers:

Fluorescent Bulbs/Tubes: 

Furniture: Please make sure the furniture is in good condition without tears, holes, and stains.

Glass Items: 



Hazardous Material:


Holiday Goods:


Kitchen Utensils:

Lamps and Shades:

Linens: Please make sure your linens are in good condition.



Medical Equipment: 

Medical Waste: 

Metal Items:


Musical Instruments and Gear: 

Office Equipment: 


Pallets and Crates: 

Plastic Items: 

Paper Items:

Pianos and Organs:


Safety Gear: 

Sash Windows: 

Solid Doors:

Sports Gear: 

Stereos, Radios, and Other AV Equipment: (In working order only, except Junk South)

Styrofoam Items: 


Televisions (In working order only, except Junk South)

Tools: Please make sure the tools are in good or working condition.

Toys, Games, and Puzzles: 


Vintage Items: 

ACC Recycling Drop Off Locations:

Links to Organization Websites: