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“We’ve been fortunate. One of the things we can do to repay our good fortune is to help other people have a better life. And that’s what happens with Habitat.” -Jimmy Carter

Building a home is among the most rewarding acts of kindness and generosity we can undertake. And this is especially true for a home that provides a family with an economic foothold to transform their lives.

Sponsoring a Habitat home is an investment — in individuals, in families, and in community. By selling homes at cost, with zero-interest mortgages, Athens Area Habitat lowers the bar of affordability so that lower-income families can enjoy all the benefits of living in their own home and creating a foundation of inter-generational wealth. At the same time, their payments help us cover up-front costs for future projects.

See how Habitat works — the virtuous cycle

By leveraging our general fund to earn federal, state, and municipal grants, Athens Area Habitat has secured land for our Micah’s Creek neighborhood and provided for necessary infrastructure. We’ve also funded the longitudinal study to measure the impact of home ownership on education, health, and financial well-being.

Local businesses, foundations, family funds, civic organizations, and religious congregations now have an opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking work by sponsoring or co-sponsoring a home, project, or build day at Micah’s Creek. To learn how, just contact us for more information!

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Volunteer shows hammer to small boy at Habitat build site


Milligan, Susan (2008): Building a Legacy: Former President Jimmy Carter talks of his life’s work on affordable housing and the future of public service