Helping Those Affected by Tornadoes

On May 15th thirteen tornados ripped through Granbury, Texas. Trinity Habitat for Humanity, located in Forth Worth, helped build many of the 110 homes in the low-income area that was affected the most. Most of the 61 Habitat homes in the area were either damaged or destroyed, including a home that was to be dedicated that weekend.

In the wake of terrible disasters it’s natural to reflect upon the things that you’re thankful for and the family that you hold dear. As we learn of new tragedies, many people look for ways to help the affected areas. One way that you can help out is by contributing to the Habitat disaster Relief Fund. Your donations go towards clean up, repairs, and new construction in the affected areas. You can find out more here:

Here is a great article that details some other organizations that are providing relief for people in Oklahoma:

One of the most important things to remember after an event like this is that every little bit helps. Whether you can give $5 or $500 dollars, there is someone in Texas or Oklahoma that could really use your support and prayers.