Georgia’s Workforce Housing Crisis: Causes, Risks, and Solutions

An October, 2023, whitepaper outlines the housing challenges facing our state, and proposes a package of six measures to help us meet those challenges:

Georgia, like many other states, is facing a housing crisis caused primarily by the interaction of a housing supply shortage, construction labor shortage, outdated policies and regulations, ongoing population shifts, economic stressors, and market speculation. This crisis poses very serious immediate and long-term risks to the state and its residents, with significant potential repercussions in arenas such as economic development, homelessness, crime, poverty, health, education, and more.

The current housing crisis is an urgent one, because its effects have intergenerational impacts, compounding with time. If effective remedies are applied now, not only will future return on investment be greater, but less investment will be needed compared to what will be required if corrective action is delayed.

Fortunately, Georgia has advantages such as locally sourced construction resources, a robust transport network, and state leadership who are prioritizing solutions to the workforce housing shortfall. Based on available research, data, and analysis, this paper describes 6 recommendations for optimizing outcomes in this effort.

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