Replica of UGA Bell Tower to Be Auctioned for Charity

A couple of weeks ago, the UGA chapter of Habitat won the UGA Homecoming parade with a spectacular float themed “Home Is Where the Arch Is,” including replicas of the famous UGA arch, hedges, and bell tower.

We were quickly inundated with questions: What are you going to do with that bell tower? What’s going to happen to the arch and the hedges?

Well, the hedges went to beautify our properties on Magnolia Terrace.

But we can’t plant the bell tower and the arch, so we decided, let’s put them up for auction to help build some houses!

These amazing pieces constructed with outstanding craftsmanship by our own construction crew are one-of-a-kind replicas of the iconic UGA landmarks seen around campus. Ring the bell from your home or walk under (or around) the arch knowing that the proceeds go towards promoting our mission in the Athens community. The bell tower is perfect for the outdoors and includes a genuine cast iron bell. (The arch, on the other hand, isn’t free standing and would need to be housed indoors.)

The auction is being held for the next two weeks, October 24th – November 4th, and all proceeds benefit the betterment of the Athens community.

Just remember, if you win the auction, you must transport them yourself. The bell tower is 63″x43″ at the base, 10.5 ft. tall, and standing on 7 ft. wide runners. The arch is 10.8 ft. tall and 6.7 ft. wide.

All you have to do to bid is come into the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore East location (532 Barber Street) and fill out a simple form located next to all of the auction items. It’s as easy as that!