Renew Habitat ReStore Furniture with These Tips and Tricks!

Update outdated furniture and make it your own! Here’s an idea: we got one of the chairs from our ReStore East and painted it a beautiful mint blue. 

Here’s how we did it!


  • Latex paint
  • Fabric Textile Medium
  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint stirrer and cup (or bowl) to mix the paint
  • Spray bottle

The Mixture: mix these three things together for the fabric paint

  • Latex Paint (one cup)
  • Fabric textile medium (one cup)
  • Water (two cups)

Step #1: Mix the latex paint, the fabric textile paint, and water together

Step#2: Paint 1st coat on chair and let dry overnight

**Important: Be sure to spray the paint with water as you go to insure that the paint adheres to the fabric.

Step #3: After the 1st coat has dried overnight, go over the fabric with sandpaper. (This will not remove the paint, it will just loosen up the fabric so the paint does not make the chair stiff when you go to sit on it later)

Step #4: Put on a second coat and let dry overnight (you may have to repeat this step, depending on the color you have chosen)

Step#5: After the second coat is dry, go over with sandpaper again

Step #6: Paint the legs! (this may require two coats as well to get an even color)

Step #7: CELEBRATE because you have a stylish new piece of furniture that you can call your own! Don’t forget to use #ReStoreReVamp to show us your masterpiece!

link to the how-to video: