GA Tech Study Shows Power of Habitat Homes

Carrie, Angelique, and Joshual Hawkins, Memphis, TN, March 2016

A recent survey by Georgia Tech and Habitat of Georgia reveals the amazing power of home ownership for families, especially children.

In October, the Georgia Tech Center for Economic Development Research helped Habitat for Humanity of Georgia to survey Habitat homeowners around the state. What they discovered was truly amazing, and a great cause for hope.

Preliminary results have been shared with Georgia Habitat affiliates, and we’re proud to pass along some highlights to our friends, donors, volunteers, community partners, and neighbors.

  • 98% of Habitat homeowners feel positive about the future, and 4 out of 5 said they had become more optimistic since moving into their home.
  • 92% rate their children’s grades as good or excellent since purchasing their home, and 74% are confident they’ll be able to send their kids to college.
  • 95% feel safe in their homes and more than 3 in 4 feel safer than before purchasing the home.
  • Two-thirds say their families get along much better in their new home.
  • Four out of five say they feel more secure financially, and 59% report having more money since the purchase.
  • 70% of homeowners used some form of public assistance before moving into their Habitat home. Of these, seven in ten have reduced their need for assistance and nearly half (47%) currently use no public assistance at all.
  • More than 70% are now better able to save money and to pay bills on time.
  • Half of those who were not involved in their community are now actively participating in some way, and those who previously participated are now as active or more active than before.
  • 44% have started or completed higher education or training since moving into their home.
  • Of those who used a rescue inhaler, nearly half report reduced need to use it since purchasing their Habitat home.

Shelter means strength, stability, and self-reliance. And stable homes make strong, stable communities.

Thanks to everyone who helps us give hope to families in a way that improves lives for generations. Your work goes farther than you know.

Image ©2016 Habitat for Humanity International/Ezra Millstein