Changing the Community One House at a Time

Simmons Street is in the middle of a historically troubled area of Athens, suffering from high crime and drug problems. Habitat for Humanity has established a presence in the community by building communities like the Carpenter’s Circle, located off Burney Street, and acquiring a number of rental properties in this area, hoping to create a better living situation. These are three of the four duplexes on Simmons Street that we have bought and are in the process of renovating and painting.


Every house on Simmons street has started out like the one above: white and plain. In order to breathe new life into the community, each of these duplexes will be painted in different, bright colors. The inspiration for the color scheme is from traditional Venezuelan architecture, and not one home will be painted with the same colors or patterns as any other on the street.

100_1446 100_1447

This is the first of our four duplexes to be completely renovated and painted. This duplex, too, started out white and plain but has been completely rejuvenated! The bright colors make the street pop and add so much vibrance to the community, and we are so excited to finish the other three homes!


Any small act of care can bring new life into the community and we can’t wait to see what happens to our homes on Simmons Street!