Always Progressing

We’ve been hard at work on both our Simmons Street Duplexes as well as our Beau Harvey Home! If you can recall, our Simmons Street Duplexes are in a historically troubled area of Athens. We decided that in order to rejuvenate this area, as well as the people who live in it, that we would renovate these duplexes and paint them bright, beautiful colors inspired by Venezuelan architecture. Our first project on Simmons Street has been completely painted!

simmons street 1 simmons street 2 simmons street 3 simmons street 5 beau harvey 1 beau harvey 4 beau harvey 3 beau harvey 5

As always, we would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers who came out to help on this project! We will keep you updated on our progress with the homes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!