Habitat for Humanity Annual Fund

Athens Area Habitat for Humanity thanks all its supporters for the most successful fund drive yet in 2020-21. This campaign has now closed. To donate to Athens Area Habitat, please visit our donation page at AthensHabitat.com/Donate. Thanks!

Together, we will do great things…

At Athens Area Habitat, we refuse to slow down.

The pandemic has kept our volunteers at home, raised the price of lumber nearly 90% over pre-pandemic lows, cut the revenue from our thrift stores, and increased the need for affordable shelter in our community. But we refuse to back down. In fact, we’re redoubling our efforts.

Our mission is to create strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Since Athens Area Habitat was founded in 1988, we’ve pioneered new programs both locally and nationally, like the Kinda Tiny Homes and the ReNew Athens neighborhood reclamation projects here in Athens-Clarke, and our income-adjusted rental housing program which has served as a model for similar efforts across the country.

Mobile testing for covid-19Since covid-19 hit our community, we have worked with other local non-profits and volunteers to distribute masks, develop an ecologically safe disinfecting service for our trucks and stores, and provide mobile covid testing for our indigent population and others in our community. We do it because we are dedicated to service, and because we have the resources and expertise to bring to bear.

Last year, our annual fund drive raised more than $30,000 for our mission, including the Kinda Tiny Homes and Lydia’s Homeplace. This year, our goal was to raise at least $40,000 to help meet the tremendous need caused by unemployment and eviction resulting from the pandemic. We met that goal on Christmas day, so now we are shooting for $50,000!

Every dollar you contribute to Athens Area Habitat goes toward local programs that provide cost-manageable housing, increase home-ownership, reduce blight and crime, improve the local tax base, lessen the need for public assistance, stimulate the local economy, and help raise families out of poverty for generations.

Athens Habitat is here to do good work, no matter the circumstances. We will never stop working, never stop innovating. You can help us keep this work going, and do more, with your generous contribution today to our annual fund drive. By giving to Habitat, you know that your gift helps build your community. Thank you.